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Bush and the Military-Industrial Complex

The Bush family and their Military-Industrial Complex cronies have been controlling this Nation for over 40 years. This bond first appeared when Prescott Bush (George W. Seniors, father) was on his way to making millions up to and during the second World War. He was shipping steel to Nazi Germany’s War Machine and continued to do it until our government passed a law prohibiting dealing with the enemy nations! The Union bank in New York City another enterprise that Prescott was involved in, along with Averill Harrimen, Allen Dulles and others, that  was also closed down because of it’s Nazi ties. So this group of Nazi collaborators continue to work together for over 45 years, controlling the United States by orchestrating cataclysmic events in order to create mass hysteria to get the results that they want, with the bottom line being dollars and cents. It is no wonder that George W states that leaving Iraq will have cataclysmic results if we leave, well, the Bush family has been responsible for such events for nearly 50 years. George Sr., was responsible for the exile Cuban camps that rehearsed to invade Cuba (kinda sounds like what George jr, claimed Saddam was doing against us, which was not true). The code name for that operation was Zapata and that just so happens to be the oil company’s name that was George’s and was setup off the coast of Cuba! One of the invading ships that was to transport the Cuban exiles into Cuba, just happened to be name Barbara! George’s plane that he flew in the War, was the Barbara I, when that went down, then the Barbara II, very interesting, duh! George senior was a member of the CIA when John was killed, there is photographic evidence to that effect and a memo from J Edgar (head of the FBI) that says he was there, yet George Senior, can’t remember where he was the day Kennedy died.


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