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5. Another look at the Shooter Photo


But examine the #4 entry for yourself and make your own conclusions. Having a degree in Sociology and with a background in studying body language, it appears to me that the driver looked in the back too many times, and turned around the last time and then the fatal shot was fired. His body language when he turned back around appears to be of someone who was guilty of something, having quickly turned back around to face the front and then shrinking down into the seat. IF YOU’RE USING FIREFOX THIS LINK SHOULD OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW WITH BIGGER SCREEN (MIGHT WORK WITH EXPLORER) it gives a good steady view of the assassination, IN FACT IT’S THE BEST LOOK THAT I HAVE COME ACROSS-Whatever you decide, the facts remain for the sequencing of events that led up to Kennedy’s assassination. How history would have been change, perhaps, even no Vietnam, where over 50,000 Americans lost their lives. Don’t we deserve the TRUTH?


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