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How the U.S. won the WAR, AND LOST THE PEACE

The United States and it’s allies were successful in winning the second World War by organizing a huge industrial-military complex that, along with our brave men and women of the Nation were able to eventually defeat the War Machine of Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire. Unfortunately the by product of this Great Victory was the creation of an immense military-industrial complex that showed the business entrepreneurs the profitability of major conflicts in the world. They reaped huge fortunes in such short periods of time, more money than they ever thought possible. More money that could be made during the course of normal business operations over twenty years! So when the peace began it was apparent to them that they were not going to making the huge sums of money that they had been, so they set about on coming up with ideas to promote more conflicts that would result in their continuing to prosper as they had during the course of the war. A conflict closer to home would definitely be more profitable, what better place than a little island ninety miles off the shore of Florida! But how could we justify the invasion of Cuba to the American people? Project NorthWood.

He wanted to fit in, in much the same way a handicapped person tries to fit in, be just a regular guy, his was a large family that traveled a great deal. They really were quite well off, not wanting for anything. At supper time the family would gather round the table and discuss the daily news, offering different points of views, not always their own, but for argument sake only. And sometimes the conversations would turn boisterous and argumentative, but at the end of the meal each of them would return to their endeavors, none the less for wear, for expressing their points of view and discovering how father and mother reacted to them. His schooling was both domestic and abroad, and after completion, he set about upon writing a Pulitzer’s prize winning book, that outlined the lives of ordinary but extraordinary individuals. On the one hand they were ordinary in that they achieved status by the usual methods, but they were extraordinary by standing by their principles that were not shared, at the time, by the majority, yet were fundamentals that our country was built upon. These were principles that he believed in and was striving to fulfill within his own life; then he was gone.

She was a beautiful little 4 year old reddish-blond hair girl. Her Daddy was a slightly older man and her mommy was vibrant and full of life anticipating their coming vacation with her best friend. Young daughter and mother had been on numerous shopping sprees to get all the necessities for their upcoming vacation, after all, California was a far cry from Connecticut, as far as their wardrobe was concerned, and needless to say, their swim suits had to definitely be upgraded! Mommy and her best friends were always economizing when possible and wanted to use their frequent flier miles, so they went on separate planes; then they were gone.

The eyes in the shadow view world events as money making opportunities to profit from and to manipulate to increase their profits and long range goals. They have absolutely no regard for anyone or anything. When people’s hatred ignite independently of their influence they are happy, and if it’s not quite what they want or to the extent to what they want, they step in. People who get in the way are eliminated and the rest are used as pawns in their grand scheme of things.

excepts from the forthcoming book, “EYES IN THE SHADOW” By Liberty Gregory


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