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Several States Are Discussing Secession From The United States

by Justanothercoverup


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When you read the headline of this brief story, it’s reminiscent of what occurred prior to the beginning of the Civil War. The news came as a surprise to me, as I wasn’t aware there was a “Secessionist” movement in the United States, but there it is, right before your eyes. What’s even more startling are the reasons the states wish to dissolve their partnership with the Union, and some of it actually makes sense:

Secessionists meeting in Tennessee

By BILL POOVEY, Associated Press Writer Wed Oct 3, 3:15 AM ET

In an unlikely marriage of desire to secede from the United States, two advocacy groups from opposite political traditions — New England and the South — are sitting down to talk.

Tired of foreign wars and what they consider right-wing courts, the Middlebury Institute wants liberal states like Vermont to be able to secede peacefully.

That sounds just fine to the League of the South, a conservative group that refuses to give up on Southern independence. MORE

When you look at the reasons for which they want to secede, it’s crystal clear that many of them/us are tired of living under oppression; These are a few of the reasons cited:

save themselves from an overbearing federal government.

If allowed to go their own way, New Englanders “probably would allow abortion and have gun control,” Hill said, while Southerners “would probably crack down on illegal immigration harder than it is being now.”

a fringe movement that gained new traction because of the Iraq war, rising oil prices and the formation of several pro-secession groups.

disillusioned by the Iraq war and federal imperialism, share the idea of states becoming independent republics.

Right now, they are labeled as “fringe groups”, but as government oppression grows stronger, their membership and supporters are growing, and it’s a concept I had never thought about before. Now, after reading the article, I’ve given it some serious thought – and while it’s as radical an idea of any I’ve heard, what better way to send Congress and President Bush/Cheney a message that will come across loud and clear!

The general public is sick and tired of an ultra-conservative government that is bent on imperialism, believe in infringing on their own citizens freedoms and rights, and have driven the nation close to bankruptcy. Now that it’s obvious we have an ultra right-wing Supreme Court dominated by right-wing justices, Americans can expect a further erosion of their rights, and a Court that believes in unfettered Presidential power rather than the principles this country was based upon; The separation of church and state is dead, and whether we like it or not, the coming opinions from the SCOTUS will no doubt restrict our lives and freedoms even more, even though many of us don’t share those same right-wing radical Christian values, their morality will be shoved down our throats whether we like it or not!

The U.S. was talking about partitioning Iraq, and if they view that as “a budding democracy”, then what the President believes is good enough for the Iraqis should be good enough for America! Can you imagine being able to move to a state where the right-wing Christians had no voice? Neo-conservatives would relocate to the states that were pro-Bush, and the the radical Christians and Neo-conservatives would be able to impose their will on anyone in the state they chose to – and the rest of us could live in freedom and peace…

Imagine the individual states building their own economies, and if corporate America wanted a piece of the pie, they would have to reinvest in that state rather than outsourcing everything to countries that will work for peanuts that are breaking the American economy. It’s ironic, but if we allowed all of the right-wing warmongers and fundamentalists to have their own states, when terrorists struck – it would probably be in those areas inhabited by the hate-mongers rather than bombing innocent Americans.

Imagine a state completely inhabited by right-wing Christians; they could censor everything, bash gays (who would quickly relocate to liberal states) until ultimately, all they will have to censor or criticize is themselves. You have to wonder where the Mega-Preachers will find their hookers in such a society, but in that regard, maybe they’ll pass a law or make it an 11th Commandment that thou shalt share your wife with the pastor… Oh, and they could make the 10% tithing mandatory, on top of the regular state taxes, and the American Taliban would grow and flourish, until ultimately, many began to flee to the free states, remembering how sweet freedom really was, and leave the fanatics to their own. They might even return to true Christianity, all of whom would be welcomed by Liberal and Progressive states. It’s those who wish to impose their ideology on others that we are trying to get away from, but true Christians are a boon to any society!

It’s a shame the right-wing fanatics have forgotten the concepts of loving thy neighbor, helping the poor, and the Golden Rule… It’s obvious they have lost their way, and we aren’t going to change them, so why not let them live among themselves, instead of poisoning the rest of society? When you really look at the teachings of Jesus Christ, he was without doubt a “liberal” – and even in today’s society of radical Christianity, someone of Christ’s stature wound now be labeled a “leftist” or “coward.” Can you imagine Jesus trying to preach peace in this society? I have no doubt the radicals and our government would label him as an impostor; how else could they fight their wars and steal from the poor and Middle-class?

I know it sounds crazy, and it will probably never happen, as corporatism, the religious-right and Neo-cons would start a civil war before they let anyone enjoy the freedom and liberty we are entitled to – but nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to dream. Take a minute to think about the concept of being able to move your family just a few hundred miles and be free again, while still enjoying the homeland of our forefathers… Maybe we should all give the Secessionist Movement more than a second glance; it may never work, but if states actually tried to secede from the United States, I can’t think of any better way to send a message to this President and Congress that if they don’t get their act together, they may be governing themselves!

William Cormier


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