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One with the Gods

God in his own imageWhere are they now, the Gods of Greece; Zeus, Aphrodite, Cronus, or Fates, or the Roman Gods; Venus, Pluto, Lucifer or Diana, naming a few? They were stars of their age and renown by the masses. As the ages passed, these Gods who were as important to a specific age as any of our Gods today have gone by the wayside. Even the ones who died upon the Cross, where are they? I am not referring to Jesus, no; a man-God dying on the cross was common in religions dating several centuries before Jesus came along. The legendary stories of ‘man-god’ saviors dying for the sins of their people (and rising three days later) were very common. Christianity is based on the sun-god myth. In fact the whole religion was fabricated after the departure of Jesus. None of these saviors are historical, but only personifications of the sun.Man-God dying on cross before Christianity.
Here is an excerpt from Mather Walker’s essays:
Orpheus (from whom the Orphics received their name) and Dionysus went to Hades and returned. The Christians created the tradition that during the three days while Jesus was dead before his resurrection He went to hell and preached to the souls in prison.
Significantly, Plato, who follows the Orphic and mystery teachings throughout his dialogues, has the following to say, in the Republic II (362e), referring to the just man:
“What they will say is this, that such being his disposition the just man will have to endure the lash, the rack, chains, the branding iron in his eyes, and finally, after every extremity of suffering, he will be crucified.”
The Orphics had a number of books which contained the details of their theology.These books have been lost, but I have no doubt this little jewel from Plato came straight from one of these. Dionysus was known by the name “Pentheus“, i.e. “man of suffering.” [1]
The Babylonian god Tammuz also died and resurrected.
Throughout history as every civilization rose and fell, so did their Gods and Saviors. The conquering Armies of other societies would sometime assimilate the conquered people and more often, then not, the conquerors would they themselves be eventually assimilated by the people they conquered, adopting their beliefs and transforming them into versions of their own.
In the early stages of the 21st century many Gods remain, there is the Jewish God, the Christian God, the Muslim God and many more. People have been fighting over religion and everything else since the beginning of the so-called civilized world, they do a pretty good job killing, procreating, genocides and every diabolical cruelty imaginable. In that respect we are Gods, mean, vicious Gods and friendly, caring Gods. We take life and we bring new life into the world, the list is too long for all the God like attributes that mankind possesses. And now mankind wants to take control of the last and ultimate God power, through the auspices of CERN (below is their logo).

The similarities to 666 seem quite apparent.


And that is the power to create a Universe, at least how they think the Universe started, through the Big Bang. There is enough heartache and anguish going around without an additional ingredient added to the pot. But that’s exactly what the scientists, PhD s and others have planned. Keep in mind the fact that they believe the Universe was created from a minute particle that was smaller than the head of a pin! “If there’s one truly extraordinary concept to emerge from the past century of inquiry, it’s that the cosmos we see was once smaller than an atom”, National Geographic-the God Particle.
With all the problems we have in the world today, from global warming, over population, the economy, world hunger, wars, cancer and more, there are a multitude of physicists, scientists and others, who have been working on a project that has cost billions of dollars and has gone on for over a decade that will soon come to its ultimate conclusion. The experiment will supposedly show how the Universe was created by using the Large Hadron Collider to create another Big Bang. The Big Bang Theory is the theory where the Universe was created from components inside a particle that came together and exploded that resulted in the Universe as we know it today, an ever expanding Universe.
They started the Collider up last year but were not able to perform the experiment because they had a major breakdown with one of the segments of the Collider. It is ready to go again and the experiment is scheduled for sometime this fall 2009. There is one crucial fault with this experiment. As everyone who remembers their science class from grade school knows, (to do your experiments under controlled conditions where only one variable at a time is changed. And that for most experiments you will need a control, that is, an experimental object that is allowed to proceed normally with no variables changed.) in order to conduct a viable experiment you must have a controlled environment! And this is exactly what the Collider lacks. The protons, black holes, and anything else that might be derived from the experiment will not be contained within a controlled environment; these derivatives will disperse through the collider out into our world and beyond, NOT A CONTROL environment! So anything that is created can be an ultimate threat to our world, such as a black hole. According to the physicists these black holes will last less than a second, which was from their initial calculations. But new calculations ran by other physicists who now state that it appears that the black holes would last a second or more, and in the world of protons that is an eternity.
We know how the scientific community operates, what was the gospel years ago is now no longer. In medicine, pills and procedures that were considered safe and helpful are no longer and may even cause side effects worst than the original malady. Now we have individuals with their PhD’s and other credentials telling us this experiment is perfectly safe, that’s a laugh, or it would be if it weren’t so dangerous to our existence.
The bottom line is basic, what benefits will mankind attain from this experiment? Will it end Cancer, stop the economic depression, will it end famine and hunger, what exactly will this experiment accomplish to create a better place for us here on earth? NOTHING. It is simply being conducted to try and satisfy the curiosity of these individuals, so in that respect, it is much like the idyllic God who amuses himself with the trials and tribulations of humankind.


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