Jesse Ventura, 63 Documents the Government Does Not want you to READ

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTRO TO THE BOOK! is proud to announce that Jesse Ventura, newest book, 63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want you to read, is available on this site, in the audio version! This book tells of the many times in history when the United States Federal Government has lied to us and manipulated events in order to promote the agenda of the ruling elite. Below you’ll find the link to the introduction to the book, you can listen to it and return as future chapters will be made available.

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We have not been posting on this site in a while, it’s not because the news has gotten better, it’s actually because we have tried to expand the reader base by opening other sites, unfortunately, the highest reader stats are still from here, of course, nothing wrong with that, but the word needs to be spread amongst the people. If the people don’t wake up and realize the way their world is manipulated on a daily bases, then all hope is lost. Below is a BBC interview with a stock trader and it is jaw dropping. Don’t think, it’s just about Europe either, a must see: GOLDMAN SACHS RULES THE WORLD.

In the time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act!

–George Orwell

The people involved with this site are NOT radicals, are NOT nuts, are NOT liberals, are NOT Democrats, are NOT Republicans, they ARE AMERICANS who didn’t believe most of what is on this site, UNTIL they discovered for themselves, be brave LEARN FOR YOURSELF! The gist of this website is to show how the Bushes (and OTHERS), through the auspices of the CIA and the Military-Industrial Complex have been orchestrating diabolical events around the world and in our country in order to promote their agenda of World Domination through Corporate rule, creating an oligarchy, while dismantling our Democracy. Some of these planned events were the Assassination of John Kennedy (44 years ago) and 911 (Sept 1, 2001). There is no Kennedy Curse, except the curse of the Bush family who have systemically removed any potential Kennedy who might prove to be a threat to their plans. Beware, anyone who would have a voice for the people, you are treading on dangerous water. THE EVIDENCE IS HERE, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO TAKE THE TIME TO EXAMINE IT AND ACT!!

How the U.S. won the WAR, AND LOST THE PEACE

The United States and it’s allies were successful in winning the second World War by organizing a huge industrial-military complex that, along with our brave men and women of the Nation were able to eventually defeat the War Machine of Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire. Unfortunately the by product of this Great Victory was the creation of an immense military-industrial complex that showed the business entrepreneurs the profitability of major conflicts in the world. They reaped huge fortunes in such short periods of time, more money than they ever thought possible. More money that could be made during the course of normal business operations over twenty years! So when the peace began it was apparent to them that they were not going to making the huge sums of money that they had been, so they set about on coming up with ideas to promote more conflicts that would result in their continuing to prosper as they had during the course of the war. A conflict closer to home would definitely be more profitable, what better place than a little island ninety miles off the shore of Florida! But how could we justify the invasion of Cuba to the American people? Project NorthWood.

He wanted to fit in, in much the same way a handicapped person tries to fit in, be just a regular guy, his was a large family that traveled a great deal. They really were quite well off, not wanting for anything. At supper time the family would gather round the table and discuss the daily news, offering different points of views, not always their own, but for argument sake only. And sometimes the conversations would turn boisterous and argumentative, but at the end of the meal each of them would return to their endeavors, none the less for wear, for expressing their points of view and discovering how father and mother reacted to them. His schooling was both domestic and abroad, and after completion, he set about upon writing a Pulitzer’s prize winning book, that outlined the lives of ordinary but extraordinary individuals. On the one hand they were ordinary in that they achieved status by the usual methods, but they were extraordinary by standing by their principles that were not shared, at the time, by the majority, yet were fundamentals that our country was built upon. These were principles that he believed in and was striving to fulfill within his own life; then he was gone.

She was a beautiful little 4 year old reddish-blond hair girl. Her Daddy was a slightly older man and her mommy was vibrant and full of life anticipating their coming vacation with her best friend. Young daughter and mother had been on numerous shopping sprees to get all the necessities for their upcoming vacation, after all, California was a far cry from Connecticut, as far as their wardrobe was concerned, and needless to say, their swim suits had to definitely be upgraded! Mommy and her best friends were always economizing when possible and wanted to use their frequent flier miles, so they went on separate planes; then they were gone.

The eyes in the shadow view world events as money making opportunities to profit from and to manipulate to increase their profits and long range goals. They have absolutely no regard for anyone or anything. When people’s hatred ignite independently of their influence they are happy, and if it’s not quite what they want or to the extent to what they want, they step in. People who get in the way are eliminated and the rest are used as pawns in their grand scheme of things.

excepts from the forthcoming book, “EYES IN THE SHADOW” By Liberty Gregory


Remember that word! The German people after WWI were in dire need, they were forced to make reparations to the Victors of the War and the Great Depression was beginning. Adolf Hitler, a little know member of the Nazi party had tried to overthrow the government and had been sentenced to nine months in prison, during which time he wrote, Mein Kemp. After being released from prison he realized that trying to overthrow the DEMOCRATIC government of Germany by violent means would not be possible without the help of the military and that was not going to happen. So he formulated the plan to join the political machine and take over the country from the inside. “…Instead of working to achieve power by an armed coup we shall have to hold our noses and enter the Reich-stag against the Catholic and Marxist deputies. If outvoting them takes longer than out-shooting them, at least the results will be guaranteed by their own Constitution! Any lawful process is slow. But sooner or later we shall have a majority – and after that Germany.” – Hitler stated while in prison.

Things got somewhat better because of big business from the United States that had granted loans to Germany and had gotten their reprerations lowered, so many Germans became content with the status-quo. While this was going on the Nazi organization became so big that it organized itself into a National organization that would run the country when the Democracy was dissolved.

Cutting to the chase, Hitler and the Nazi party took power through the electoral process and soon began to dismantle the democracy. Here’s where the word Ethnocentrism comes into play, most Germans were content, they had elected the Nazis into power and the Great Germany of years past was once again on it’s way to becoming the greatest country in the World! Some had heard rumors of the Jewish death camps, but surely that couldn’t be true, after all, theirs country would never be involved in anything like that, no those were lies that misfits and poor losers were spreading. Remember the media is in the control of the Nazi party. The country is building up it’s war machine and the economy becomes robust. What a great future! We know how this story comes out, so when you read the entries further down, don’t lose sight of the word, ethnocentrism and what it can hid.


Those individuals who conspired to kill and killed President Kennedy, had to be such BLACK HEARTED BASTARDS, TO HAVE KILL A MAN IN HIS WIFE’S ARMS, inches away from her own head, the cruelest of individuals, who had no qualms about doing something so dastardly. They felt they were immune from justice (they may well have been), but they don’t need be today. For any who conspired who are still alive today, America must demand that the National Archives be opened immediately, before the rest of the evidence is tampered with, it may be too late, we can only hope. Why keep this information under wraps unless it is to preserve the continuing conspiracy of our shadow government, and the black hearted bastards who run it?

History Matters

In the wake of the end of the Cold War and the passage of the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, the U.S. Government has declassified an enormous number of formerly-secret documents. Among the most stunning are those pertaining to the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy and its subsequent investigations. The new records contain stark indications of conspiracy, and a great wealth of material concerning the hows and whys of the ensuing coverup. These documents also include startling “new” facts about 1960s foreign policy regarding Vietnam, Cuba, and the other frontlines of the war against Communism.

The revelations in these files remain largely unknown to the public at large. The reasons are complex, involving actual coverup activities, an unresponsive media weary of the unresolved questions, and the unwillingness of mainstream historians to come to grips with the reality of crimes and coverups by government and other institutions of American society.

Rex Bradford
History Matters

History Matters

Bush and the Military-Industrial Complex

The Bush family and their Military-Industrial Complex cronies have been controlling this Nation for over 40 years. This bond first appeared when Prescott Bush (George W. Seniors, father) was on his way to making millions up to and during the second World War. He was shipping steel to Nazi Germany’s War Machine and continued to do it until our government passed a law prohibiting dealing with the enemy nations! The Union bank in New York City another enterprise that Prescott was involved in, along with Averill Harrimen, Allen Dulles and others, that  was also closed down because of it’s Nazi ties. So this group of Nazi collaborators continue to work together for over 45 years, controlling the United States by orchestrating cataclysmic events in order to create mass hysteria to get the results that they want, with the bottom line being dollars and cents. It is no wonder that George W states that leaving Iraq will have cataclysmic results if we leave, well, the Bush family has been responsible for such events for nearly 50 years. George Sr., was responsible for the exile Cuban camps that rehearsed to invade Cuba (kinda sounds like what George jr, claimed Saddam was doing against us, which was not true). The code name for that operation was Zapata and that just so happens to be the oil company’s name that was George’s and was setup off the coast of Cuba! One of the invading ships that was to transport the Cuban exiles into Cuba, just happened to be name Barbara! George’s plane that he flew in the War, was the Barbara I, when that went down, then the Barbara II, very interesting, duh! George senior was a member of the CIA when John was killed, there is photographic evidence to that effect and a memo from J Edgar (head of the FBI) that says he was there, yet George Senior, can’t remember where he was the day Kennedy died.


The United States Military wanted to provoke a war with Cuba and had devised plans to get that accomplished! Here’s a link to the article on ABC NEWS!

U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba

Book: U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba

By David Ruppe

N E W  Y O R K, May 1, 2001  In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.

America’s top military brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties, writing: “We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba,” and, “casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.”

Details of the plans are described in Body of Secrets (Doubleday), a new book by investigative reporter James Bamford about the history of America’s largest spy agency, the National Security Agency. However, the plans were not connected to the agency, he notes.

The plans had the written approval of all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and were presented to President Kennedy’s defense secretary, Robert McNamara, in March 1962. But they apparently were rejected by the civilian leadership and have gone undisclosed for nearly 40 years.

“These were Joint Chiefs of Staff documents. The reason these were held secret for so long is the Joint Chiefs never wanted to give these up because they were so embarrassing,” Bamford told

“The whole point of a democracy is to have leaders responding to the public will, and here this is the complete reverse, the military trying to trick the American people into a war that they want but that nobody else wants.”

Gunning for War

The documents show “the Joint Chiefs of Staff drew up and approved plans for what may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government,” writes Bamford.

The Joint Chiefs even proposed using the potential death of astronaut John Glenn during the first attempt to put an American into orbit as a false pretext for war with Cuba, the documents show.

Should the rocket explode and kill Glenn, they wrote, “the objective is to provide irrevocable proof … that the fault lies with the Communists et all Cuba [sic].”

The plans were motivated by an intense desire among senior military leaders to depose Castro, who seized power in 1959 to become the first communist leader in the Western Hemisphere — only 90 miles from U.S. shores.

The earlier CIA-backed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles had been a disastrous failure, in which the military was not allowed to provide firepower.The military leaders now wanted a shot at it.

“The whole thing was so bizarre,” says Bamford, noting public and international support would be needed for an invasion, but apparently neither the American public, nor the Cuban public, wanted to see U.S. troops deployed to drive out Castro.

Reflecting this, the U.S. plan called for establishing prolonged military — not democratic — control over the island nation after the invasion.

“That’s what we’re supposed to be freeing them from,” Bamford says. “The only way we would have succeeded is by doing exactly what the Russians were doing all over the world, by imposing a government by tyranny, basically what we were accusing Castro himself of doing.”

‘Over the Edge’

The Joint Chiefs at the time were headed by Eisenhower appointee Army Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer, who, with the signed plans in hand made a pitch to McNamara on March 13, 1962, recommending Operation Northwoods be run by the military.

Whether the Joint Chiefs’ plans were rejected by McNamara in the meeting is not clear. But three days later, President Kennedy told Lemnitzer directly there was virtually no possibility of ever using overt force to take Cuba, Bamford reports. Within months, Lemnitzer would be denied another term as chairman and transferred to another job.

The secret plans came at a time when there was distrust in the military leadership about their civilian leadership, with leaders in the Kennedy administration viewed as too liberal, insufficiently experienced and soft on communism. At the same time, however, there real were concerns in American society about their military overstepping its bounds.

There were reports U.S. military leaders had encouraged their subordinates to vote conservative during the election.

And at least two popular books were published focusing on a right-wing military leadership pushing the limits against government policy of the day.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee published its own report on right-wing extremism in the military, warning a “considerable danger” in the “education and propaganda activities of military personnel” had been uncovered. The committee even called for an examination of any ties between Lemnitzer and right-wing groups. But Congress didn’t get wind of Northwoods, says Bamford.

“Although no one in Congress could have known at the time,” he writes, “Lemnitzer and the Joint Chiefs had quietly slipped over the edge.”

Even after Lemnitzer was gone, he writes, the Joint Chiefs continued to plan “pretext” operations at least through 1963.

One idea was to create a war between Cuba and another Latin American country so that the United States could intervene. Another was to pay someone in the Castro government to attack U.S. forces at the Guantanamo naval base — an act, which Bamford notes, would have amounted to treason. And another was to fly low level U-2 flights over Cuba, with the intention of having one shot down as a pretext for a war.

“There really was a worry at the time about the military going off crazy and they did, but they never succeeded, but it wasn’t for lack of trying,” he says.

After 40 Years

Ironically, the documents came to light, says Bamford, in part because of the 1992 Oliver Stone film JFK, which examined the possibility of a conspiracy behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

As public interest in the assassination swelled after JFK’s release, Congress passed a law designed to increase the public’s access to government records related to the assassination.

The author says a friend on the board tipped him off to the documents.

Afraid of a congressional investigation, Lemnitzer had ordered all Joint Chiefs documents related to the Bay of Pigs destroyed, says Bamford. But somehow, these remained.

“The scary thing is none of this stuff comes out until 40 years after,” says Bamford.