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If this individual can finally get it, maybe others will eventually see the TRUTH! Keep in mind, military-industrial complex, say it, over, over, over, over,

over, and over again.


All kinds of people try to control you in one way or another, the church has been doing it for thousands of years, preaching about the devil and hell, but people on earth make earth a living hell, poor Jesus, he is a loser that the winners made money off. They took his teachings and turned them into the bases for THEIR religion. Remember, losers don’t write the history books, only the winners, and they write them in order to benefit. Their corruption fill the eons of time, crusades that killed millions in the name of Christianity, not unlike, their secular counterparts who have rape and pillage the people and lands of the world for so many years, the counts are unfathomable. People of the world wake up and stop letting the Powers manipulate your lives. The Powers love conflict, profit from conflict, promote and caress conflict. When sectarian feuds break open anywhere across the globe, feelings of euphoria explode within their minds, their imaginations began to delve into how they might increase any conflict, make it greater, last longer, that their ultimate goal of paradise on earth for THEM is achieve with unlimited riches that any king in history would have been envious of, millennium after millennium has past with the church occupying the expanse of power over the people.
Before this, the Ancients, had the Gods of Isis, Zeus, Osiris,(to name a few) “At the mid-right the Ibis-headed Thoth writes down the outcome of the judgment The Dead Guy did OK — he was declared “maa-kheru” = “justified” — so he’s lead off by the God Horus to stand before Osiris, who grants him eternal life.
[Papyrus of Hunefer, c 1280 BC, from Thebes.] orpheuscross_r1_c1.jpg

Jesus brought salvation. Osiris brought salvation 1,400 years earlier”.
These ideas are not new, they are manipulated in order for those in power to achieve more power over earth and it’s dominion. The religions have been fighting each other for thousands of years based on falsehoods of those in power. When parts of the world became more secular rather than ecclesiastical in their leadership preferences, the “EYES” enter into that realm of control.

Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, are people who are being manipulated by a few in order for the gains of the Powers that be, the EYES in the shadow. These sects have their OWN “EYES”, that lie to them, promote their hatred, abuse their people in the name of their God, who is like all the other Gods that have existed throughout time, the Gods that men created in order to dominated and control.

They’ve found Jesus family crypt, containing the remains of Jesus and all of his family, including Mary (his mother), Joseph, brothers, and his wife Mary Magdalene and their son, Judah! Jesus is dead, but his ideas live on and those ideas are pure, no manner how the Powers want to manipulate them, so true Christians believe in those truths and accept them for what they are, the only way humanity will ever rise above pettiness and hatred and make this world what it could truly be. True followers of Christ don’t pick and choose what they want to believe in, they live by the Word. We all can be Gods on this earth, if we choose, most want to be the hell and damnation Gods, while a few of us strive to be, the forgiving, love thy neighbor God, and then there are those who strictly adhere to the realm of the devil, where greed and self gratification are the rules.

Wouldn’t you want to end this? What could you do to stop this viciousness? What would be the easiest steps to take? The answers are quite simple and they have been preached and suggested by great men and women for thousands of years! Stop spreading Hatred. Anytime you spout words of hate toward any group, be it religious or secular, it just makes it that much easier for those in power to build their followers of hate. Hatred breeds war and war means money for the money changers! War is Peace.

Crowds march to demand pullout from Iraq

By CALVIN WOODWARD and LARRY MARGASAK, Associated Press Writers 21 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – Convinced this is their moment, tens of thousands marched Saturday in an anti-war demonstration linking military families, ordinary people and an icon of the Vietnam protest movement in a spirited call to get out of

Iraq.Celebrities, a half-dozen lawmakers and protesters from distant states rallied in the capital under a sunny sky, seizing an opportunity to press their cause with a Congress restive on the war and a country that has turned against the conflict.Marching with them was Jane Fonda, in what she said was her first anti-war demonstration in 34 years.“Silence is no longer an option,” Fonda said to cheers from the stage on the National Mall. The actress once derided as “Hanoi Jane” by conservatives for her stance on Vietnam said she had held back from activism so as not to be a distraction for the Iraq anti-war movement, but needed to speak out now.The rally on the Mall unfolded peacefully, although about 300 protesters tried to rush the Capitol, running up the grassy lawn to the front of the building. Police on motorcycles tried to stop them, scuffling with some and barricading entrances.Protesters chanted “Our Congress” as their numbers grew and police faced off against them. Demonstrators later joined the masses marching from the Mall, around Capitol Hill and back.

About 50 demonstrators blocked a street near the Capitol for about 30 minutes, but they were dispersed without arrests.

United for Peace and Justice, a coalition group sponsoring the protest, had hoped 100,000 would come. They claimed even more afterward, but police, who no longer give official estimates, said privately the crowd was smaller than 100,000.

At the rally, 12-year-old Moriah Arnold stood on her toes to reach the microphone and tell the crowd: “Now we know our leaders either lied to us or hid the truth. Because of our actions, the rest of the world sees us as a bully and a liar.”

The sixth-grader from Harvard, Mass., organized a petition drive at her school against the war that has killed more than 3,000 U.S. service-members, including seven whose deaths were reported Saturday.

More Hollywood celebrities showed up at the demonstration than buttoned-down Washington typically sees in a month.

Actor Sean Penn said lawmakers will pay a price in the 2008 elections if they do not take firmer action than to pass a nonbinding resolution against the war, the course Congress is now taking.

“If they don’t stand up and make a resolution as binding as the death toll, we’re not going to be behind those politicians,” he said. Actors Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins also spoke.

Fonda was a lightning rod in the Vietnam era for her outspoken opposition to that war and her advocacy from Hanoi at the height of that conflict. Sensitive to the old wounds, she made it a point to thank the active-duty service-members, veterans and Gold Star mothers who attended the rally.

She drew parallels to the Vietnam War, citing “blindness to realities on the ground, hubris … thoughtlessness in our approach to rebuilding a country we’ve destroyed.” But she noted that this time, veterans, soldiers and their families increasingly and vocally are against the Iraq war.


House Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. John Conyers (news, bio, voting record), threatened to use congressional spending power to try to stop the war. “

George Bush has a habit of firing military leaders who tell him the Iraq war is failing,” he said, looking out at the masses. “He can’t fire you.” Referring to Congress, the Michigan Democrat added: “He can’t fire us.“The founders of our country gave our Congress the power of the purse because they envisioned a scenario exactly like we find ourselves in today. Now only is it in our power, it is our obligation to stop Bush.”White House spokesman Trey Bohn responded that Conyers “needs to learn the difference between fact and fable, between a soundbite and a slur.” He said Conyers’ “assertion that the president fires generals with whom he disagrees is flat wrong.”On the stage rested a coffin covered with a U.S. flag and a pair of military boots, symbolizing American war dead. On the Mall stood a large bin filled with tags bearing the names of Iraqis who have died.A small contingent of active-duty service members attended the rally, wearing civilian clothes because military rules forbid them from protesting in uniform.Air Force Staff Sgt. Tassi McKee, 26, an intelligence specialist at Fort Meade, Md., said she joined the Air Force because of patriotism, travel and money for college. “After we went to Iraq, I began to see through the lies,” she said.

In the crowd, signs recalled the November elections that defeated the Republican congressional majority in part because of

President Bush‘s Iraq policy. “I voted for peace,” one said.

“I’ve just gotten tired of seeing widows, tired of seeing dead Marines,” said Vincent DiMezza, 32, wearing a dress Marine uniform from his years as a sergeant. A Marine aircraft mechanic from 1997 to 2002, he did not serve in Iraq or

Afghanistan.About 40 people staged a counter-protest, including Army Cpl. Joshua Sparling, 25, who lost his leg to a bomb in Iraq.He said the anti-war protesters, especially those who are veterans or who are on active duty, “need to remember the sacrifice we have made and what our fallen comrades would say if they are alive.”Bush reaffirmed his commitment to his planned troop increase in a phone conversation Saturday with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The president was in Washington for the weekend. He is often is out of town during big protest days.“He understands that Americans want to see a conclusion to the war in Iraq and the new strategy is designed to do just that,” said Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council.Protest organizers said the crowd included people who came on 300 buses from 40 states.


Associated Press writers Stephen Manning and Kasie Hunt contributed to this report.


On the Net:

United for Peace and Justice:


Jan. 22

Star Tribune of Minneapolis, on Lewis Libby’s trial:

Most serious of all is how the Bush administration lied to itself.

The current edition of the Atlantic carries a photo of President Bush and the headline, “Why presidents lie, and why the worst lies are to themselves.” It may not get at why, but the perjury trial of Lewis Libby getting under way in Washington is all about Bush administration lies on Iraq, and especially lies to itself. The trial offers an important window into how those lies were concocted and how the administration went after anyone who challenged them.

You will recall that Bush said in his 2003 State of the Union message that Iraq had tried to purchase enriched uranium from Africa — from Niger, it was later revealed — for a nuclear weapons program. This upset Ambassador Joseph Wilson because he had been dispatched by the

CIA, after it received queries from the White House, to determine the truth behind the Iraq-Niger connection. He found that it was bogus, and he said so publicly a few months later in an op-ed published in the New York Times.

The White House launched a “Swift Boat” campaign against Wilson. During that exercise, it was revealed that Wilson’s wife,

Valerie Plame, was working as an undercover operative for the CIA. Revealing an agent’s identity is a crime under certain circumstances; during the investigation of it, Libby said things to a grand jury that proved untrue, leading to the perjury charge.

Far more interesting than Libby’s guilt or innocence is what will be revealed during the trial about how the administration lied itself into believing

Saddam Hussein had an ongoing, vigorous nuclear weapons program. All evidence contradicting that belief was rejected out of hand while a case supporting it was cobbled together from unreliable intelligence and speculative assessments. Because Wilson had the temerity to publicly, aggressively challenge that belief, he was subjected to a brutal attack on his integrity.To an extent, it worked. Even today, lies about Wilson are repeated as if gospel in the right-wing blogosphere and on talk radio. The Libby trial will, we hope, begin to get at the truth.


Some much needed National attention has finally broken on the misdeeds and high crimes of the Bush Administration. Click on 911 tab for further info. Note: Anderson Coopers Blog below…


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anderson cooper
wake up

False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments,
corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as if they
are being carried out by other entities.

the british did it on purpose
into iranian waters

we will be in iran
before summer
as planned

come on people
u have 2 c
i know u can

Looking for an excuse to invade Iran, British and U.S. plans for a hostage situation failed miserably, due to the Citizens of Great Britian not willing to be duped again by their Government and it’s cohorts. But the plans are still on, to be in Iran by the beginning of summer.


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