Military Helicopters fly into Crystal River Airport

A cross country trucker said on coast to coast am the other night that there has been a lot of unmarked convoys across the country recently and a week ago this past Saturday, coming out of the Beals across the street from Crystal River airport, the girls asked, “what’s that over there, I thought they were talking about the red warning buoys type things they have hanging on the wires before the airport (warnings for low approaching aircraft, then I realized they were talking about the five choppers coming in over the treetops, in military formation, touching down at the airport.

this was only similiar to what I saw because of the open doors, don't remember see any arms  EYESINTHESHADOW.COM

I joked and said, I hope their not invading, that’s when I realize the formation, the tight formation, I said, I hope I am just joking, the choppers stayed on the the airport runway for about a minute or two and took off, as they came closer I realized, although they were military green, had no markings (believe that is standard MO for combat chopper, not sure about the rest, guess today, it’s all combat choppers) and they made very little noise, in fact, 5 choppers, no noise, know my hearing is not good, but it should be able to hear the combination of 5 helicopters flying in close formation as they go by. (know about touch and go, but usually there are multiple, touch and go.

choppers came in over the trees from the east, landed in middle of runway, stayed a few minutes, took off west and turned toward the north in the area of Beals  EYEINTHESHADOW.COM

They came in from the East, took off toward the west, (which is the way the runway runs) and when they got overhead just about the Beal’s plaza, we were watching them in, they headed North, without gaining much altitude. Probably was an exercise, small in nature, did not hear anything about it. Did anyone else see them or have information on this? See the link about the military taking over a small town in Wisconsin, for “training purposes”, click here