New World Order

The American People have been conspired against, they have been abused, killed and maimed for the same reasons that they killed John F. Kennedy and most of his family, so that the military-industrial complex will continually profit from the blood and guts of our children. Don’t ever believe that the U.S. government has your interests at heart, nothing can be further from the truth. We did not put this video together, but it certainly needs to be seen!

Good idea to arm up America!


Are there any Patriots left out there?

It is imperative that we push forward the Agenda of Accountability to the Obama Administration for the high treasonable crimes committed by the Bush Administration and all the flunkies in Congress who went along for the ride. They left us a world that is filled with hatred toward the United States and its people. While corporate America raped and pillage our natural resources for the bottom line.

If you call yourself a true American, whatever your political leanings you would not hesitate to investigate for yourself the atrocities of these people. Their false flag operation of 911 and the aftermath that has left us and the world far worse off than ever before, it is time to call for action, do not let Obama neglect his duty as the commander and chief of our Nation, He must direct, at once, Eric Holder, the Attorney General to reopen the investigation of 911 and all the misdeeds that led up to it.

The truth is sometimes unpleasant and not easy to accept, but it doesn’t change the fact of its veracity. Our sons and daughters should have never been sent to war for the benefit of the industrial-military complex and all the people who profit from such enterprises. The youtube presentation below is from a Congressional Hearing in 2007 which is just the tip of the iceberg. If you love this country, raise your voice and as one we will be heard. Are there any Patriots left out there?

More Powerful than a Nuke!

Many put forth how noble man is for exploring into the unknown and this would be the case in his exploration of quantum physics. The Large Hadron Collider is on the road in its quest for the God Particle, the particle that adds mass to the atoms that create the world as we see it today. There is a race going on at this very moment to see which accelerator (as they are otherwise known) will be the first with the discovery. But what can the prize be? For discovery of the God Particle, who gives the prize? And what will the prize be? It won’t be the people because there will be no benefit for them; it is not like they have been striving to discover the cure for Cancer or Heart Disease. Let’s look at history and the last great discovery in physics. What was it anyway? Why, of course, it was Einstein’s theory of relativity and we all know what that proceeded to give the world, the Atom Bomb! What a glorious day, now we know who has been funding this quest for knowledge in quantum physics, it’s not so noble now, the financers of the 30 year project from multiple countries around the world are no doubt, the military-industrial complex, awaiting the next great super weapon that will make the nuclear bomb pale in comparison.



THE WHITE TEXT ARE HYPERLINKS, CLICK ON IT.The Bush administration had foreknowledge of 911 and did nothing to stop it, the Israel MOSSAD actually assisted the Arabs (UNBEKNOWNST TO THEM) in bringing down the Twin Towers (the owner of which just happens to be Jewish) by planting the explosives that brought down the towers, the implosion. Cheney was put into command of NORAD; the first time in history a non-military ran NORAD. Bush is on tape saying that just before he went into that classroom to read to the kids he watched the first plane hit the tower! THERE WAS NO COVERAGE OF THE FIRST PLANE HITTING THE TOWER UNTIL THE NEXT DAY, UNLESS BUSH HAD HIS OWN PRIVATE TAPING OF THEIR HEINOUS CRIME. The towers had many floors that were vacant and that had activity continually for two months going on before their downfall. Anyone who has ever been in a skyrise knows that there are all kinds of service entrances, elevators, and workplaces for the maintenance people; these are the facilities the MOSSAD used in order to plant the thermite that brought down the towers. THERE ARE NUMEROUS WITNESSES WHO HEARD THE INDIVIDUAL EXPLOSIONS THAT BROUGHT DOWN THE TOWERS. The day of 911 the media was spoon fed the news releases of the day and the people that fed them the feeds actually screwed up. It is on tape when Building 7 was brought down that there are newscasters saying it has collapsed when you can see it still standing in their background coverage! The Jew who owned the Towers is on tape telling them to pull it on building 7, something that can’t be done instantly, implosions take months to plan and implement. WHO WOULD BENEFIT THE MOST FROM OUR DIRECT INVOLVEMENT IN THE MIDDLE EAST? THE ISRAELIS AND THE OIL COMPANIES! OVER 6700 AMERICANS HAVE DIED SO FAR, HOW LONG DO YOU WANT IT TO CONTINUE? TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK NOW! IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH FOR HIGH TREASON! THEN TERM LIMITS AND SHITCAN LOBBYISTS!